Nagakawa Intervert 1-way air conditioner NIS-A09R2H11 12000Btu/h
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Nagakawa Intervert 1-way air conditioner NIS-A09R2H11 12000Btu/h
Nagakawa Intervert 1-way air conditioner NIS-A09R2H11 12000Btu/h
Nagakawa Intervert 1-way air conditioner NIS-A09R2H11 12000Btu/h
Nagakawa Intervert 1-way air conditioner NIS-A09R2H11 12000Btu/h
Nagakawa Intervert 1-way air conditioner NIS-A09R2H11 12000Btu/h

Nagakawa Intervert 1-way air conditioner NIS-A09R2H11 12000Btu/h

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Salient features:

  • BLDC Inverter technology saves energy outstandingly
  • 5-in-1 multi-purpose filtration system cleaning the air
  • SUPER mode cooling super fast
  • IFEEL sensor precisely adjusts temperature
  • SMART mode automatically adjusts to weather conditions
  • Automatic cleaning with 5 standard steps
  • QUIET mode quiet operation for a good night sleep
  • Silver-coated BLUEFIN heatsink is durable over time
  • Automatic multi-direction air swing mode
  • Time saving auto-restart feature
  • Environmentally friendly R32 gas
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Two-way air conditioning both cools and heats effectively

In addition to the usual cooling capacity, the Nagakawa Inverter NIS-A09R2H11 air conditioner also has an additional heating capacity suitable for regions with cold climates. Thanks to that, you do not need to spend extra money to buy a heater, saving a large amount of money thanks to this feature.

Energy saving with a duo of Inverter technology and Eco mode

With Inverter technology, the air conditioner can customize the compressor's operating capacity to help the machine operate durably, powerfully and save energy significantly.
Not only does this air conditioner model have Inverter technology, it also has an enhanced Eco power saving mode, which is a mode that operates at low power, suitable for use in the evening or on days when the weather is not too hot, helping your family save significantly on monthly electricity costs.

Purifying the air, removing odors and mold with the 5-layer Nafin filter system

With air filters from Nagakawa, users can be assured about indoor air quality when having up to 5 types of filters:

* Hepa filter can filter PM 2.5 dust  such as pollen, etc., which are directly harmful to the human respiratory tract.
*  Catechin filter with antibacterial essence extracted from green tea helps  deodorize and eliminate allergens
*  Ag+ filter with silver molecules attached to the mesh surface has the ability  to capture and kill bacteria,  effectively limiting mold
*  Photic Catalyst filter has the ability to eliminate harmful bacteria,  decompose some unpleasant odors in the air, filter smoke and dust
*  HD high-density filter with smaller mesh and more mesh than coarse dust filter mesh, so dust filtering ability is significantly improved, helping to  capture coarse dust and fur
With this multi-layer filtration system, the Nagakawa air conditioner will bring fresh air, protecting your family's health from respiratory diseases.

Immediate cooling by Super mode

Super mode on Nagakawa air conditioners can push the compressor capacity to maximum right from start-up to quickly bring the room temperature down to 16°C, helping you not have to wait too long to enjoy the cool breeze in the middle of a hot summer day, or when the room is too crowded.

Smart operating mode

When you need to use the air conditioner but you don't know what temperature it should be and what mode to turn on, the Smart Mode function will help you do that. The sensor on the air conditioner will sense the temperature in the room and then activate the appropriate mode to give you the most comfortable feeling.
When Smart operating mode is activated, the temperature is automatically set based on the actual room temperature
* From 21°C-23°C: Fan mode (Fan)
* From 23°C-26°C: Dehumidifying mode (Dry)
* Above 26°C: Cool mode (Cool)

I-Feel mode accurately heat sensing according to user’s position

With the I-Feel sensor placed in the control, the machine will determine the temperature near you, thereby transmitting a signal to the indoor unit to automatically adjust the temperature according to the user's location, providing a cool and comfortable atmosphere.

Saving time and costs with the self-cleaning feature of the indoor unit - Auto Clean

When starting the AutoClean function, the machine will automatically cool and freeze the surface of the condenser. After that, the machine will melt the ice to wash away the bacteria and the fan will continue to blow dry to help remove dust and dirt from the surface of the system while increasing the life and cooling efficiency of the machine.

Quiet, comfortable and relaxing space with Quiet operating mode

When selecting Quiet mode, the operating sound of the outdoor and indoor units is reduced to the lowest level, only 21dB like the sound of falling leaves, making the space quiet, not disturbing you and your loved ones.

The Ag+ ion antibacterial plated heat exchanger kills bacteria better

The radiator uses pure spiral copper pipes to increase heat exchange efficiency and Ag+ coated Bluefin aluminum foil protects the machine from corrosive agents such as acid rain, salt vapor, air, etc.
Ag+ ions have high activity level, bring bactericidal ability and effectively prevent bacterial replication. As a result, the air conditioner will operate more durable and quieter, the air in your house will be fresher.

4-way automatic swing mode (4D Swing)

Automatic air swing mode is an operating mode based on the simultaneous combination of two vertical (up/down) and horizontal (left/right) air swing functions automatically and smoothly. This swing mode allows the louver to spread the cold air evenly all the way to the corners of the room.

Wide range of power, suitable for rooms of different sizes

Nagakawa Inverter NIS-A09R2H11air conditioner has a capacity of 1 HP, is a suitable choice for rooms with an area of ​​less than 15 square meters.

Outstanding Warranty

Nagakawa Inverter NIS-A09R2H11 air conditioner is warranted for 2 years, 1 for 1 warranty within 2 years for components if defective from the manufacturer; 10 years warranty on inverter compressor.


Thông số
sản phẩm

Thông số sản phẩm
Cooling capacity kW 2.64 (0.9 - 3.14)
Btu/h 9,000
(3,070 - 10,700)
Heating capacity kW 2.78 (0.6 - 3.52)
Btu/h 9,500
(2,050 - 12,000)
Electric used Cooling W 812
(220 - 1,040)
Heating W 700
(200 - 1,150)
Amperage Cooling A 3.7
(1.0 - 4.7)
Heating A 3.1
(0.9 - 5.2)
Energy efficiency Number of stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
CSPF 4.56
Electricity supply V/P/Hz 220-240V/1 pha/50 Hz
Airflow (High/Medium/Low/Super low) m3/h 550/500/400/300
Moisture removal capacity L/h 0.9
Noise Level (High/Medium/Low/Super low) dB(A) 38/34/27/21
(Rộng x Cao x Sâu)
mm 795x256x197
Weight kg 7.3
Noise level dB(A) 47
Dimensions (R x C x S) mm 660x482x240
Weight kg 22.5
Refrigerant/Gas charge amount kg R32/0.49
Pipe diameter Liquid mm Ø6.35
Gas mm Ø9.52
Chiều dài ống Standard m 5
Max m 20
Maximum height difference m 10
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