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Nagakawa factory

Building a team of qualified and professional managers and technicians who are always dynamic and creative and know how to adapt quickly to innovation is the foundation for our development. Nagakawa Vietnam aims to create competitive advantage and efficiency business by applying the world’s advanced technology as well as boosting R&D to innovate and capture technology – the leading solution, to maximize the company’s resources and ensure the sustainable development goals of the country.

Human Resources

We understand that the importance of human resources and technology are the keys to creating products with the slogan “People create technology, technology creates products“. As a result, Nagakawa Company invests appropriately in the production and assembly line as well as its employees’ life.

The team of engineers and specialists are working in a dynamic environment that constantly updates and applies new technologies in research as well as production to create breakthrough technologies as well as applications.

Besides, the team of engineers, technicians and experts are regularly trained in refresher training courses at home and abroad. Company policy always encourages every employee in the company to strive for self-improvement of knowledge as well as skill to create stable products of quality, abundant model design satisfies the increasing needs of customers.

Equipment and technology

Modern, highly specialized assemblage line in each department increases labor productivity. Team of skilled workers who have passed the training courses at home and abroad are able to meet the high requirements of work. The spirit of labor and a sense of serious work are always thoroughly understood by every worker.
Vacuum automatic transmission achieves high accuracy. All vacuum lines are controlled via a PLC to ensure a precise and rigorous vacuum process. The modern experiment center is capable of creating an environment which is suitable for temperature, humidity associated with Vietnam’s climatic conditions.

All assembled machines are transported to the Test Room for commissioning. The process of running the machine is strictly supervised by a dedicated KCS team to detect and remove the unqualified machines. Machines that meet technical requirements continue to be transferred to the packaging.

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