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Nagakawa Vietnam proudly sponsors The Press Cup 2017


The 2nd Press Cup 2017, a nationwide football championship for press agencies in Vietnam was officially launched on the afternoon of 19/7/2017 at My Dinh National Stadium.

Attending the press conference was the presence of the leaders of the Vietnam Football Federation, the leaders of the Hanoi Football Federation, the Press Department, the leaders of the Vietnam Family Newspaper and the press.

Continuing to be the sponsor of the tournament this year, Nagakawa Vietnam is looking forward to not only contributing to improving the health of the journalists. It is also a great opportunity to bring people who love sports closer to each other, to create a useful playground and raise the physical and spiritual life of the press officers.

At the press conference, Ho Minh Chien, Editor-in-Chief of the Vietnam Family Newspaper, Head of the Organizing Committee said: Continuing to implement the movement “All people exercise their body following Uncle Ho’s example”, celebrating the 72nd anniversary of the National Day (2/9/1945-2/9/2017), celebrating the 92th anniversary of Vietnam Revolutionary Newspaper (21/6/1925-21/6/2016), Vietnamese Family Newspaper organized the Football Association PressCup Tournament 2017.

Mr. Ho Minh Chien – Editor in Chief of Vietnam Family Newspaper, Head of the Organizing Committee

PressCup 2017 is the league for the men’s soccer teams of the national press. Players participating in the competition are officials, reporters, editors, who are working in the press agencies or in the life of the journalists’ Or related papers certified by the participating news media…)

2017 is the second year that the tournament has taken place and more than 40 teams have signed up for the tournament. This promises to be exciting, no less dramatic and more successful. The team will receive prizes worth up to 30 million. There are also other valuable prizes at the end of the year.

The Press Cup 2017 team answers questions about the tournament

As a companion for the tournament, Nagakawa Vietnam offers the most modern and optimized air conditioning products, coolers and motivators that will motivate the media’s press and motivational efforts. king. Let the tournament become a prestigious annual tournament and quality.

Some pictures at the press conference:

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