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The first 6-month seminar conference – “Change for developement”


On July 11, 2017 Nagakawa Vietnam Joint Stock Company successfully held the first half year meeting in 2017 in Hanoi. The conference was attended by the Board of Directors, Directors of member companies, Director Branches and Heads / Deputies of Branches of the Company.

Opening the meeting, Chairman of the Board – General Director Nguyen Duc Kha once again reaffirmed the determination of innovation that all staff Nagakawa has set out since the beginning of the year. He stressed that the conference not only reported results and activities in the first six months of the year, but also summarized a great milestone, marking the 15th anniversary of Nagakawa Vietnam. Selecting the theme “innovation for development” is also an affirmation once again of the absolute efforts, the absolute determination to both maintain the sustainable development and create the explosive innovation in the coming period.

At the meeting, Deputy General Director Nguyen Huyen Thuong said that in the first six months of the year, although many objective conditions did not support Nagakawa has achieved good results in many areas. Production of air conditioner products grew more than 20%; The new cooler product exceeds the full-year target, marking the initial success of determining household appliances as a strategic business in the coming period. After six months of business, Nagakawa Vietnam fulfilled its six-month revenue target of VND 280 billions, profit of VND 16.1 billions and fulfilled 100% of its full year target.

In the passionate atmosphere of a whole day of hard work, under the direction of Business Director Nguyen Duc Anh Vu, the conference received many comments and suggestions from staffs from all fields. New product development, thinking about how to implement innovation to maximize the capacity of the training, to build corporate culture to strengthen the root cause of sustainability.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Nguyen Duc Kha, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of the Company concludes that a number of key tasks should focus on synchronous implementation: Wide market, efforts to achieve the goals set; Innovation in thinking and how to develop business, build a strong organizational structure; Focus on improving, updating and updating standard processes and improving the quality of human resources through investment in people, treatment policies and training to improve labor productivity, quality and performance.

The meeting ended in the joyful atmosphere of completing the 6-month plan. The Board of Directors and all management staff of the Company unanimously unanimously united with determination to achieve the 2017 goal for Nagakawa. Continue to “innovate for development” step by step to achieve the strategic objective set for 2017-2022.

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