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Nagakawa – Glorious brand name only reached the top 10 Asia Pacific


On May 7, 2017, Nagakawa Vietnam was honored with the Top 10 Asia Pacific Brands in 2017 and is the only refrigeration manufacturer in Vietnam to receive this award.

But why Nagakawa Vietnam – a relatively young brand with 15 years of “age” – can make such a spectacular breakthrough? Perhaps the answer is not far away, but the quality of their products, which they emphasize in their mission: “Quality is the survival of the company.”

Introduction to Nagakawa Vietnam

Founded in 2002, over the past 15 years of construction and development, Nagakawa Vietnam has gradually affirmed its position in the market as well as users’ heart. Applying modern technology in production, Nagakawa has launched the line of air conditioning products, freezers, coolers, household electrical appliances…diverse in types, timely response to all the product needs of the majority of customers.

Nagakawa Vietnam is a reputable brand, a mechanic contractor specializing in supplying equipment and installation of large air conditioning for tax agencies; Banking systems such as Agribank, Maritime Bank (MSB); Viettel’s broadcast station and many major hospitals across the country.

Main products of Nagakawa

Nagakawa has three major product lines: air conditioners, freezers and coolers.

Nagakawa Air Conditioner

The first thing to mention about Nakagawa Air Conditioner is its durability. Due to the use of bent grooves instead of plain copper tubes as other regulators on the market, the efficiency of Nagakawa air conditioner heat exchangers is about 20% higher than that of other models. This technical advantage helps Nakagawa air conditioner to provide better power savings and longer component life than other air conditioners.

The second is the ability to save electricity. Nagakawa always has the sense of environmental protection as well as the insight of the customer’s mind, so the regulator of the company also features “Eco”. As the user clicks the button, the control system through the room temperature sensor analyzes and degrades the lowest power consumption while ensuring the user’s desired cooling mode.

In particular, Nagakawa’s inverter air conditioner uses intelligent inverter technology that can adhere to room temperature and automatically adjusts the temperature and wind direction to the best fit. If the continuous operation of more than 8 hours a day (especially hot days), Inverter air conditioning costs only half your electricity compared to air conditioning. The power savings of this product line has been recognized by the Vinacomin Energy Research Institute for 5 stars – the highest number of stars, the lowest power consumption certification – the maximum energy saving.

The third is the intelligent processing system. In order to satisfy the customers’ demanding cooling needs, Nagakawa offers a unique “Super” feature. Just press this button, the air conditioner will operate in “maximum” mode to ensure the room temperature drops down to the set temperature in the shortest possible time, helping the user to avoid “wear and tear” knitting.

Fourth is the ability to operate smoothly. Nagakawa’s state-of-the-art technology has created super-quiet air-conditioning that fits all of your room and work environment.

Wednesday is the owner of smart filter smart health benefits for users. Plasma gas filters have the ability to create an ionized region that retains 95% of the smog, the Ag + membranes help kill and limit bacterial activity to provide a healthy, safe space. for user. The VitaminC Filter provides the air with vitamin C that helps to soften skin and relieve stress.

Nagakawa Freezers

Similar Nagakawa air conditioners, Nagakawa freezers have a longer life expectancy than other cabinets. The Nagakawa Freezers are also extremely energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, thanks to the new refrigerant technology, the Gas R600a refrigerant.

The subtlety of the brand lies in the coating of the yeast in the cold permeable cotton so that the dirt left by the food does not cling to the cupboard of the cabinet, making the cabinet always clean and easy to clean, Not smelly like other types of freezers. Nagakawa also designed more hanging baskets on the wall, used to store the food or use, help you looking for them more easily in the cabinet every day.

Nagakawa Coolers

The Nagakawa air cooler with a compact, four-wheel-drive pedal provides easy mobility. Not only can the room temperature be reduced to 15 degrees Celsius, it also offers effective anti-bacterial, deodorizing and anti-odor properties, ensuring your room is always cool – clean – fragrant.

In addition to the three mainstream products, Nagakawa Vietnam also develops household electrical products, especially water purifiers with nine cores to maximize water purity.

Nagakawa is currently looking to expand into new businesses such as garment, real estate investment, financial investment,… but still focus on investment in both residential and commercial air conditioning products. With modern technology and professional skills, and the spirit of dedication to Vietnamese consumers, it is clear that the future of Nagakawa will be furthered and furthered.

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