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Nagakawa Vietnam was honored with the Top 10 Asia Pacific Brands in 2017


This is a prestigious award, given to Vietnamese brands in the Asia-Pacific region that have made positive contributions to the country’s economy.

This year’s Asia-Pacific brand was held on May 7th. Awards by the Vietnam Business Council, Asia Pacific Economic Review, Asia Pacific Economic Review, website ktcatbd.com.vn, Entrepreneur Club Asia-Pacific and VINABRA – Vietnam trademarks jointly voted. The award is not only meant to honor reputable, high quality businesses, but also a marketing channel for consumers to know their brands, products and services.

At the ceremony, the Organizing Committee awarded Nagakawa Vietnam a certificate of merit and cup, and at the same time proclaimed, “Established in 2002, by the application of modern technology in production, Nagakawa has launched the series of air conditioners, washing machines, freezers, electric appliances, electrical equipment of various types, rich in type of design, timely response to the needs of many customers.

Being the only refrigeration manufacturer in Vietnam recognized at this year’s Brand – even in Top 10 – made Nagakawa extremely proud. The event comes at a time when the company is celebrating its 15th anniversary of development, which has become even more meaningful. Nagakawa is aware that this “fruit” is the result of customer trust, as well as the credibility of industry-leading experts. The quality of Nagakawa’s products, which has always been the target of life-still, is always put first and foremost.

Mr. Ngo Xuan Chinh – HCMC Branch Director & Ms. Nguyen Phuong Phuong – Marketing Director received the award from BTC

Nagakawa is currently focusing on three main product lines: air conditioners, freezers and coolers; As well as household electrical appliances such as water filters, rice cookers, smart electronic scales … Nagakawa has a broad outlook on new businesses such as apparel, real estate investment Private finance… but the main investment areas are the products both air conditioning commercial and commercial.

Nagakawa Vietnam’s products are in compliance with three criteria: PERMANENCE – SAVING – ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. With modern technology and professional skills, and the spirit of dedication to Vietnamese consumers, it is certain that in the future, Nagakawa will be able to reach higher and higher levels.

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