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1.Promotional Products

Any cooling machine of Nagakawa

2.Promotion Period

From 3/5/2017 to 31/7/2017

3.Promotion scope

Nationwide sales system

4.Form of promotion

During the promotion period, customers who purchase any Nagakawa’s cooling machine will receive a scratch card.
Customers scratch that scratch cards to determine the prize you received.

5.Customers of the promotion

Customers buy promotional products.
Note: The program does not apply to agents, authorized distributors, relatives and employees of Nagakawa Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

6.Award structure

1 Special prize: 1 Honda SH 125i CBS (2017 version), which worths 68.000.000 VND

2 prizes: 1 air conditioner Nakagawa Inverter 9000BTU, model NIS – C0915 worth 10.2 million VND

5 second prize: 1 model water purifier Nagakawa RI9 worth 4,900,000 VND

6 Third Prize: 1 Nagakawa cooler, model NFC 152 worth 3,900,000 VND

Consolation prize: Nagakawa raincoat (972 prizes) or Nakagawa helmet (648 prizes) valued at 200,000 VND.

Note: Prizes can not be converted into cash.

7.Content and rules details of promotions

During the promotional period from May 3, 2017 to July 31, 1977, customers purchasing any Nagakawa cooler will be eligible for the promotion.

After purchasing the product, customers find attached promotional coupons, read the rules and rake prizes.

A customer receives multiple prizes corresponding to various scratch cards.

8.How to determine the winning scratch card

Special prize: Scratchcard showing “Being hit by a Honda SH125i”

1st Prize: Scratchcard showing the content “Winning 01 NIS – C0915”

2nd Prize: Scratchcard showing the content “Winning 01 water purifier model NA – RI9”

Third prize: Scratchcard showing the content “Hit 01 NFC152 model cooler”

Consolation prize: Scratch card showing “Winning a rain coat” or “Being hit by a helmet”

Scratch cards will not win will content “Good luck”.

9.Award Recognition Rules

– If you own a scratch card, you must keep the scratch card intact, not broken, with no signs of erasing and matching the corresponding bar code of the scratch card. You notify the sales agent during the period from May 3, 2016 to August 3, 2017. After this time, the prize is no longer valid.

– Winners from the Second Prize to the Consolation Prize: Announcing, presenting purchase invoices and scratch cards at the sales agents and receiving prizes at the sales agents.

– Winners of the 1st and Special Prizes: Announcement, presentation of purchase invoice, winning scratch card, ID card or passport for sales agent. The sales agent will return to Nakagawa Vietnam Joint Stock Company to check the validity of the scratch card. You receive the award at Floor 2, 96A Dinh Cong, Phuong Liet, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

Refer to the promotion information at: http://nagakawa.com.vn or call center 04.3215 1325

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