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Thousands of IronMan 70.3 athletes in Da Nang are cooled down by the Nagakawa brand


Together with Ironman 70.3 in 2017, Nagakawa has provided a great amount of cool air to over 1300 athletes.

Yesterday, 5/5/2017, the final press conference before the tournament has shown the professionalism and expectations of the tournament to be invested heavily in this year.

The Ironman 70.3 season is expected to welcome more than 1300 athletes from 59 countries, including 19 professional athletes and more than 100 test teams, according to the host. The athletes will have to experience exciting challenges with 1.9km of swimming, 90km of biking and 21km of beautiful scenery of Danang city.

In addition, the host organized a charity fundraising event for premature babies in Central Vietnam on May 6. This is a side-by-side activity that is extremely meaningful to the community that many athletes respond to.

Accompanying with the athletes this year, Nagakawa has brought to the league the most modern and optimal cooling products. In sunny weather of Da Nang city in the mid-summer, more than 1300 athletes are cooled by the appearance of the leading brand of cooling in Vietnam today.

Nagakawa is a quiet companion but is the closest friend to the players in this year’s tournament

The appearance of the brand Nagakawa impresses during the event when the image, brand colors are the players, volunteers (volunteers) tournament this year’s favorite. A lineup of volunteers with blue shirts in the Nagakawa logo as a guide for athletes to sympathize with many people.

Nagakawa’s cooling equipment also immediately attracted the attention of athletes and visitors during the press conference. In a hot space, it is not hard to see the image of people taking advantage of the ‘cooler’ side of the cooler to avoid heat.

Nagakawa’s companionship, particularly small-angle coolers, is, however, the best application for the Ironman 70.3 athletes of the year.

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