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Northeastern Customer Conference


On April 20, Nagakawa held a customer conference in the North East at Saigon Halong Hotel. This is the last stop of the company’s 15-year anniversary of Hearts and Flames.

Quang Ninh is an economic center with two main advantages: coal mining and tourism. It has a system of seaports and border gates which is very convenient for the exchange of trade, tourism and services with other countries in the region and attracting foreign investment. Therefore, Quang Ninh is one of the outstanding representatives of the North East region contributed to the victory of Nagakawa in 2016.

At the conference, Nagakawa was honored to welcome 300 customers as distributors, resellers and service stations who always believe in the success and development of Nagakawa. Here, Nagakawa has awarded certificates of merit and the freshest bouquet of flowers to 5 dealers, 4 authorized service stations and 2 distributors with outstanding achievements in 2016.

The meeting was not only a chance for us to send our gratitude to our customers but also the occasion of Nagakawa and the members reviewing the milestones of the recent ups and downs. Born in 2002 in the context of a very young domestic refrigeration industry, Nagakawa encountered many difficulties in his early days. With the ability to lead talents in a collective solidarity, Nguyen Duc Kha has put Nagakawa step by step become a leading enterprise in the refrigeration industry in Vietnam. In September 2009, the company officially listed 10 million shares on the Hanoi Stock Exchange, which marked an important historical turning point in the development process of Nagakawa Vietnam.

With a team of highly qualified, energetic and enthusiastic professionals, Nagakawa pledges that we will continue to innovate to continue to market our products, better service to contribute to the prosperity of the country and the happiness of Vietnamese people

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